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Our Services

Discover tailored solutions that match your hiring needs. Siddh RecruiTech offers a range of specialized recruitment services to find the perfect talent for your organization. Explore our services below.

Technical Recruiting

We are experts in supplying top-tier technical personnel to satisfy the unique requirements of your company. Our commitment to providing top-notch technological resources, vast network, and access to massive datasets are what make us strong.


Technical roles demand a unique blend of skills, experience, and cultural alignment. That's why we offer the contract-to-hire option—a strategic approach to ensure that your new technical hires are the right fit for your organization.

Staff Augmentation

Boost your product team's capacity without permanent hires or long-term commitments. Siddh RecruiTech contracts provide freedom and flexibility. You can cancel with just 30 days' notice. Your terms, your team, our expertise.

Non-Technical Recruiting 

Siddh RecruiTech is aware that company success depends on more than simply technical ability. It involves putting together a diverse group of experts who can contribute to the expansion of your organization in a variety of ways. Our non-technical recruiting services are made to support you in identifying and attracting great people for a variety of professions.

Long-Term Contract

We understand that hiring contractors shouldn't mean compromising on quality. That's why we've invested in building a vast network of top-tier talent that can meet the exacting standards of your organization.

Part Time & Consulting

Here at Siddh RecruiTech, we understand that the modern workforce thrives on flexibility. That's why we offer a range of Part-Time and Consulting solutions, giving you access to top-tier talent without the constraints of traditional full-time employment.

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